Together We Can Win the Race!

Founders of early-stage, pre-revenue companies are typically racing against two rapidly ticking clocks: The first measures the time-to-market, the second, cash burn rate.

Other than the quality and relevance of the offering, there is not a single greater advantage to a startup than being first-to-market. While other entities might be contemplating or developing similar ideas, a first-mover advantage cannot be underestimated. Many first-mover businesses end-up "owning" the specific market segment, becoming the go-to standard. Moreover, the sooner a business reaches the market, the sooner valuable user input may be collected, internalized, and put to good use in perfecting the offering.

The cash-clock ticks even faster. The most common cause of startup failure is lack of cash. The precious capital raised in a "seed" or other early round is commonly earmarked for development completion, testing, and initial sales and marketing. If these funds run out before meaningful traction has been established, the next round might come at a hard-to-bear equity cost or, even worse, might not arrive at all, forcing the venture's untimely demise.

Clearly, from the moment a product is available for market introduction, the wild race is on: early market acceptance, revenue, and a leadership position all must be achieved before the proverbial "cash runway" runs out. In both races, founders have more control and options than they may realize. Launching a startup is not for the faint-of-heart: good entrepreneurs encounter and respond to risk daily. Great entrepreneurs look ahead and manage risk before it catches them flat-footed and creates needless disruption.

This is where Second Gear Sales enters the picture: with decades of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experiences, we are uniquely positioned to help your company reach its early-stage goals, at a rapid pace, while greatly conserving precious resources (which probably include the founders' time as well). How do we make this happen?

  • Second Gear Sales is not a consulting firm: we enable and deliver actual sales
  • Our costs are only a fraction of hiring and managing an in-house sales team
  • Utilizing tried-and-true methodologies we convert attainable early-adopters
  • We bring a wealth of early-stage selling experience to the table
  • Continuous market feedback and operational transparency anticipates roadblocks
  • Our engagements are short-term, with planned transition to an organic sales force
  • Our compensation is substantially risk-based, aligning us towards mutual success

Founders are typically focused on their vision and passionate about their offering. Often times these exact traits which helped create and fund the business hinder early sales, where the objective is to maximize the value recognized by prospects, while minimizing their perceived risk. We provide our clients both an objective perspective and a depth of talent, reassuring potential customers. Lastly, some companies find it necessary to reconfigure their original plans based on a particular market's response. Our constant "learning and reporting" approach may end up saving you a considerable amount of time and money (and possibly, the business itself) especially when there is a need to pivot, and take the company in a different direction.

So let's talk! Give us a call or drop us a note, and let's mutually discover how Second Gear Sales can help take your business to market, quickly and efficiently.