About Us

Second Gear Sales has been formed for the express purpose of enabling and delivering sales for startups and market-emerging companies. We specialize in pre-revenue companies that have a product or service which is ready for introduction to the market. These organizations would typically be established as a legal entity and have some initial seed funding in place, but have not yet deployed an in-house sales force. Second Gear Sales is an external sales organization focused on delivering a startup's initial sales and revenue.

Our co-founders share close to fifty years of combined sales and marketing experience. From startups to FORTUNEĀ® 50 companies, across diverse industries, and with a wide variety of products and services, Jim and Adee have done it all: direct consultative sales, online engagement and fulfillment, presentations, demos, proposals, sales contract drafting and negotiations, and closing. Selling is a vocation, an art form, and a craft. Fundamentally, sales is a disciplined routine which, when properly executed, results in predictable, measurable outcomes, the most important of which is revenue, followed by strategic insight that enables course correction. Second Gear Sales brings experience, savvy, and structure to your side of the table.

Our Team

Jim Messina


A strategic marketing and business development leader who delivers impressive top and bottom-line results. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Jim brings extensive experience defining, delivering, marketing and selling timely, profitable digital products, SaaS solutions, online products and professional services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Jim combines sophisticated strategic marketing expertise and analytic skills with the ability to solicit new business, communicate strategic vision, build relationships and drive sales. Jim is a graduate of Harvard University and is an avid fan of all New England sport teams.

Adee Feinstein


Adee is a recycled entrepreneur who has started and developed businesses in Healthcare Information Technology, Patient Digital Health, Insurance Eligibility Screening, FinTech, and Enterprise Resource Planning Manufacturing Systems, all of which involved extensive sales, marketing, and capital raising. With a strong background in Logistics, Adee's procurement and materials management experiences contribute to his solid understanding of buyers' dynamics and rationale. A disciplined business developer and sales aficionado, Adee is a strong market communicator skilled in multiple media. His two older children play soccer, while the youngest plays bass.